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Viola Guide Part 2
The Perfect Fit for a Viola

Secrets are still trending in the violin making industry. However, the reality looks very different, and after reading this article, you may think: A secret is by far not as mysterious as finding your sound in the real world!
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Brahms Festival
Johannes Brahms in Switzerland

Brahms in Winterthur, Switzerland – that is a unique, 15-years-lasting success story. It all started in 1856, when Winterthur’s town organist Theodor Kirchner first met Johannes Brahms in Düsseldorf.
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by Marion Leleu
The challenge with shoulder rest and chinrest

As a viola teacher, I have been focusing for 20 years on the possibility to play viola while considering physiology. Through my experience with Alexander Technique and Yoga, I developed my perception on all angles and levers, which truly «make» the music.
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The rich repertoire of Viola from Aaltonen to Zytowitsch.

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N E W    October 2019

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
12 Fantasias for viola solo
TWV 40:26-37 (1735)
Arranged and edited from the first edition for viola da gamba by
Viacheslav Dinerchtein
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